Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris

Following the system of dual diplomas which exist in Europe, LA FEMIS and the FILMAKADEMIE BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG have created a common continuous training programme, which is validated by both schools.

This one-year fulltime programme designed for young European producers and distributors was created with the support of the French and German states, the MEDIA programme and the OFAJ. Since 2007, one session of the course takes place in London in partnership with the National Film and Television School of Beaconsfield.

Its main objective is to offer a new generation of future producers and distributors a realistic and concrete view of present strategies in screenwriting, financing, production, distribution, marketing and selling of European cinematic works, specifically in France, Germany, and the UK. The other objective of this course is to teach participants the development in commun of a commissioned production.


Young professionals graduated from universities or film schools (minimum baccalaureate + 3) with prior experience in audiovisual production or very motivated by this sector, coming from the wider European Union and not over the age of 30.


- Workshops, seminars and meetings with professionals
- Practical case studies
- Active presence at Angers, Berlin and Cannes film festivals
- Production of a short film project


The training takes place in France, Germany and England from the beginning of October until the end of August and is divided into 6 sessions: 2 sessions in Ludwigsburg at the Filmakademie of Baden-Württemberg, 2 sessions at La fémis in Paris with an active presence of one week at the Angers and Cannes film festivals, 1 session in London at the NFTS, and 1 session in Berlin during the Berlinale.

Training languages: respectively French OR German AND English

Registration procedure

Available on the website of La fémis
And on the website of the programme

Christine Ghazarian - Head of Training - Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris
La fémis - 6, rue Francoeur - 75018 Paris, France
T +33 1 53 41 22 11 - F +33 1 53 41 02 80

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