European Horizons Factory 2/3 | Géraldine Schwarz and Raphaël Enthoven

"The possibility of a European common destiny is depending on our collective energy and on our capacity to discuss without arguing". Raphaël Enthoven


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In search of "a European people"

"The possibility of a European common destiny is depending on our collective energy and on our capacity to discuss without arguing". Raphaël Enthoven

Date: May 12th

Location: Salon, De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, 1017 RR Amsterdam

Time: 20.30-22.00

Language: English

Entrance fees, on registration (13€)


Ahead of the European elections in May, we explore the notion of European citizenship and European identity. Can we speak of a true ‘European people’? And if so, what would be its characteristics? We speak with two thinkers with opposite opinions, from neighbor countries France and Germany.


The Berlin-based journalist Geraldine Schwarz says that EU identity is centered on western countries and excludes the eastern ones. However, the French philosopher, Raphaël Enthoven thinks that ‘a European people’ does not exist at all, and that, instead, the EU politicians should address the EU citizens.


We will look ahead on the outcome of the European elections that are being held between 23-26 May throughout Europe. How important is the notion of a European demos, its heterogeneity or homogeneity for Europe’s future? And how has this developed in the past?


About the speakers

Raphaël Enthoven is a well-known public philosopher, French professor of philosophy and writer. He currently presents two TV programs and used to present a daily radio show in France. He published many books, among them Lectures de Proust (2011), about the work of writer Marcel Proust, and Little Brother (2017), which is a collection of essays with philosophical reflections on everyday life. He is a passionate speaker on what it means to be European, and speaks out on issues such as European citizenship and identity regularly in French media.


Geraldine Schwarz is a French-German journalist working in Berlin. She contributes regularly to Le Monde, and created several TV documentaries. The Dutch translation of her book Les Amnésiques, ‘De Geheugenlozen’, will be published in May by Atlas Contact. In this book, she tells the story of her French and German grandfathers, both of whom profited from or collaborated with the Vichy and Nazi regimes, respectively. The book is a plea for a confrontation with our past, in order to prevent the resurgence of right wing extremism in today’s Europe. Les Amnésiques received the European Book Prize in 2018.

This program is organized in cooperation with the De Balie, the Goethe Institut and is supported by the European Cultural Foundation.



Géraldine Schwarz : © Astrid di Crollalanza

Raphaël Enthoven : © Francesca Mantovani - Editions Gallimard

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