PULSAR The Open Art Prize

On March 5th, PULSAR Open Art Prize was launched. It is the first art prize for collaborative works born of the encounter between artists working on traditional mediums and digital creators.


For this second edition, the call for participation is open until May 5th, 2018 on www.pulsar.paris for all creators: visual artists, musicians, developers, architects, designers, programmers, actors, graphic artists, video artists, engineers , painters, scientists, etc. The 50 best profiles will be invited on June 5, 2018 to a great evening of matchmaking. They will form artistic pairs / trinomials and then, from October 1 to 4, 2018, create collaborative projects in the world's largest startup incubator, STATION F. The 3 winning projects will receive a creative endowment of €10,000 €20,000 and €30,000 to be produced and exhibited at the EDF Foundation, a leading art and technology institution in December 2018.


Creators! We invite you to submit your application on www.pulsar.paris before May 5th. To do this, simply fill out a short form available under this link: https://www.pulsar.paris/pulsar_mail.html


For any question, please reach us at contact@pulsar.paris

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