The Institut français is launching its 2019 call for applications for the residency programme to be held at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris.

For whom is this programme intended?

This programme is intended for foreign artists wishing to develop a research and creation project in
Paris, for a period of three or six months, supported by one or several cultural partners.
The partners associated with the artist may be establishments from the French Cultural Network Abroad (Instituts français, Cultural Services of French Embassies, Alliances françaises) and/or French or foreign cultural bodies (art centre, association, multidisciplinary lab, gallery, museum, approved body, theatre, production venue for dance and street arts, concert hall, festival abroad, etc. In France, priority shall be given to applications supported by certified bodies and networks of the Ministry of Culture).

• What are the terms of the residency?
The Institut français makes studio-apartments available to artists at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris. The partner associated with the artist, in France or abroad, shall finance the artist’s travel and/or living expenses and carry out the formalities needed for submitting the artist’s application.

• What type of residency projects does it support?

A. Freely selected projects
Artists may present a research project on a topic/theme of their choice.

B. Specific projects from one of the four following categories:
The Institut français would like to focus on several themes for the 2019 residency programme. The
Selection Committee will therefore pay special attention to files from one of the following four

1. Young public
The Institut français would like to encourage projects by artists who target especially a young public, in all areas.

2. Environment/Sustainable Development
To continue to give thought to the Paris Agreement, the first universal climate agreement, the Institut français wishes to encourage artists’ projects committed to the theme of ecology, climate change and the environment. In this aim, priority will be given to artistic proposals connected with institutions, NGOs, scientific bodies and researchers in France.

3. Art and Territories
The Institut français would like to emphasize the link between artists and the territory in which they
work. To echo the 2018 edition of the International Venice Architecture Biennale, which has selected the theme of “free space”, projects in the realms of architecture, landscaping, design, urban planning, art in public areas, related for example to issues involving the transformation of industrial and agricultural wastelands in cultural venues, will be particularly appreciated; as will projects that establish a bond between culture and a social and solidarity-based economy, projects that address issues on collaborative areas, etc.

4. Technical and Technological Research and Innovation
Artists wising to develop projects requiring specific techniques and/or cutting-edge technology they
would like to acquire, likely to be present in France, particularly through the fablab, biohacklab and
medialab network (for further info,, may apply in this category

- as well as creation projects in a digital environment

- and projects in art trades such as ceramics, jewellery, textile arts, etc. 

For your information, the studio-apartments are equipped with a work area and a furnished living area: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. They are fitted with a Wi-Fi Internet connection. Artists in residence may also benefit from access to group workshops in the areas of silk-screening and engraving, as well as to a ceramic kiln.

For further information on the environment, research and innovation categories as well as for
applications in the art trades, you may contact Glenda Laporte: - Tel: +33 1 53 69 83 23

For the Young Public and Art and Territories categories, you may contact Fanny Rolland: - Tel: +33 1 53 69 35 08

Whether for a freely selected project or a specific project, all the following areas
are concerned:
Visual arts Street arts
Street arts/Puppets
Digital arts
Comic arts
Cinema/Animated cinema/
Creation documentary
Exhibition curator
Graphic arts
Literature/Children’s literature
Art trades
Current music
Classic & contemporary music
Virtual reality
Music for film and video games

• How to apply
Applications submitted directly by artists shall not be accepted. They must absolutely be submitted by associated partners via the following platform:
IFprog (

The Institut français recommends that associated partners liaise with Fanny Rolland at the Residency Division prior to submitting an application, in order to build a residency project together:
As indicated below, applications must fall within:
- Either a research project on a topic of their choice.
- Or in one of the four categories proposed.

N.B. Creation in Africa and the Caribbean may also apply for the ‘‘Visas for Creation’’ programme, for which all living expenses shall be borne by the Institut français:

• Calendar

Deadline for application registration: 22 August 2018, included

The Selection Committee will be held at the end of September 2018

• Eligibility Criteria

The associated partner submitting the application must:
- Commit in writing to handling the artist’s travel and/or living expenses, and possibly indicate
the financial commitment of the other partners involved in the project
- Provide an explanatory note on the reasons why it is supporting the artist’s application,
indicating explicitly how it intends to promote the winner’s work during and following his/her

The artist must:
- Already be active in his/her professional life
- Be proficient in French and/or English

Provide proof of previous artistic work
- Be sufficiently independent to manage his/her residency
- Be free of any professional obligations throughout his/her
- residency period

There is no age limit.

• The documents required for an application to be considered as complete
- A short summary of the project concerned
- The artist’s contact information (postal address, e-mail address, telephone no.)
- Details on the project in progress
- Information on aid and residencies already obtained in the past
- In an attached file, a CV and brief summary of the CV
- In an attached file, an artistic file
- A specific project for the residency, attached file (maximum of 5 pages)
- A copy of his/her passport
- A signed statement ensuring that the works to be presented are by the artist
- 3 photographs with captions and copyright
- Links to audio or video websites for excerpts when needed
- Press articles (optional)
• Selection Criteria
In addition to evaluating the applicant’s professional path, special attention shall be paid to the quality of the project, the need for a stay in Paris, the work protocol being envisaged, and the contacts established in France with art centres, cultural bodies, artists, curators, critics, researchers, etc. These actors shall act in an advisory, networking and assistance capacity during and following the residency. An Advisory Committee chaired by the Chief Executive Officer of the Institut français, comprised of experts of the Institut français, a representative of the French Cultural Network Abroad, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, National Centre of Visual Arts and Cité internationale des arts, shall review the applications together.
The Committee reserves the right to refuse any project without having to justify its decisions. These decisions shall be irrevocable.

• Terms of the Winners’ Stay
The Institut français shall finance the studio-apartment, of a surface area of 40 m2 at the Cité
internationale des arts, situated 18, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville in the Marais district, in the centre of Paris.

The associated partner must ensure that the winner is provided with sufficient means during his/her stay. We therefore recommend that the artist benefit from an allowance of (a minimum of) 1000 Euros per month and a return trip ticket. The associated partner must make sure that the winner holds insurance covering the following: repatriation, hospitalization fees, medical fees and civil liability. It must also ensure that the winner holds a visa enabling him/her to stay in France for his/her residency period.

No allowance for production shall be paid by the Institut français or the Cité internationale des arts.

• Dates and Period of the Stay
The period of residency shall be three (3) or six (6) months. The winners’ residency periods must comply with the following calendar for the year 2019 (no mid-month arrivals or departures):

- Arrival on 9 January/Departure on 4 April 2019
- Arrival on 9 April/Departure on 4 July 2019
- Arrival on 9 July/Departure on 4 October 2019
- Arrival on 9 October/Departure on 4 January 2020
- Arrival on 9 January/Departure on 4 July 2019
- Arrival on 9 July/Departure on 4 January 2020

Caution: In the case of an unjustified postponement of the arrival date or early departure, the payment of a penalty shall be required of the artist. This penalty shall be calculated based on the amount of services provided in proportion to the days of absence.

• Notification
The following notification must appear on all communication media related to the artist’s work resulting from the residency period, as follows:

‘‘Winner of the INSTITUT FRANÇAIS residency program at the Cité internationale des arts with the
support of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture’’. This notification must absolutely be accompanied by the logos of the Institut français, the Cité internationale des arts and the abovementioned Ministries, provided by the Residency Division of the Institut français.



A security deposit (500 Euros) must be paid by the winner or the associated partner of the project to the Cité internationale des arts one month prior to the date the residency begins. This deposit shall be refunded, following inventory, at the end of the stay providing that the studio-apartment has been left in good condition. This may increase slightly each year according to the cost of the services provided.

• ADDITIONAL SERVICES to be borne by the Winner
The Cité internationale des arts offers different services to enable the winner to improve his/her stayand develop his/her project. All these services require an additional lump sum contribution, to be paid by the winner directly to the Cité internationale des arts. 2018 RATES (Given as an indication, the 2019 rates being not yet available)

Accompanying adult 156 Euros per month
Visitor 228 Euros per month
Visitor (stay of one week or less) 125 Euros
Children aged 0-7 114 Euros per month
Children aged 0-7 (for a minimum stay of one week) 63 Euros
Group workshops (engraving, silk-screening) 92 Euros per month
Ceramic kiln (one firing) 31 Euros
Upright piano 81 Euros per month
Baby grand piano 96 Euros per month
French lessons (2 hours) 10 Euros
Pass to certain museums and art centres Free of charge

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