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** French courses 2019/2020 **

Are you searching for quality French classes in Groningen?
Conveniently located in the Harmoniegebouw (1st floor - Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 26), a building of the University of Groningen, the Institut français provides French classes for adults in group and private French lessons, to suit any language level and every learning objective. Our levels follow the Common European Framework.

** General French courses **

These lessons include a balance of conversation, listening, pronunciation and grammar to help you communicate in everyday situations in French speaking countries and develop fluency and confidence. Participants are given plenty of opportunities to practise the spoken French language through discussions, debates and conversation activities. 

Level 1
A1.1 - your first steps in French - Thursday - 7pm/9pm - 1st class: 3rd October 
A1.2 - basic knowledge of French - Tuesday - 7pm/9pm - 1st class: 1st October

Level 2
A2.1 - French elementary - Monday - 7pm/9pm - 1st class: 30th September
A2.2 - French elementary plus - Monday - 7pm/9pm - 1st class: 30th September

Level 3
B1.1 - French intermediate - Wednesday - 7pm/9pm - 1st class: 2nd October
B1.2 - French intermediate plus - Thursday - 7pm/9pm - 1st class: 3rd October

Level 4
B2.1 - Vantage or upper intermediate - Monday - 7pm/9pm - 1st class: 30th September
B2.2 - Vantage or upper intermediate plus - Monday - 7pm/9pm - 1st class: 30th September

Level 5
C1 - Advanced - Wednesday - 7pm/9pm - 1st class: 2nd October 

* * French conversation for advanced levels * *

This course is for people who wish to improve their speaking skills. The teacher will use articles from newspapers, magazines, TV programs and books. You will feel more confident and be able to increase your knowledge about France, its culture and actuality.
Our conversation courses are based on participation and interaction, so you can improve your speaking skills. Material provided, no textbooks are required.

Level 2/3 
A2/B1 - Monday - 7pm/9pm - 1st class: 30th September 

Level 5
C1 - Advanced - Tuesday - 10am/12pm - 1st class: 1st October 
C1 - Advanced - Thursday - 10am/12pm - 1st class: 4th October
C2 - Proficiency - Tuesday - 7pm/9pm - 1st class: 4th October 
C2 - Proficiency - Friday - 10am/12.30pm * - 1st class: 5th October (* C2 on Friday: 20 classes van 2,5 hours)

** Prices ** :

50 hours (25 classes) - Price: € 335,- / students: €320,-

24 hours (12 classes) - Price: € 190,- / students: €175,-


Deadline for the registration: 20th september 2019

Upon registration students who are not complete beginners are given a free placement test to establish their levels so that they are assigned to the right class.
The French Institut is open from 10.30 am till 5 pm. It is also possible to make an appointment outside these opening hours. 
For more information, come and see us at the Institut français - Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 26 - Harmoniegebouw (1st floor) - 9712 EK Groningen. 

You can also send us an email: or call us: 050 363 61 06. 

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