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** French courses - February 2021 ** 

Are you searching for quality French classes in Groningen?
Conveniently located in the Harmoniegebouw (1st floor - Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 26), a building of the University of Groningen, the Institut français provides French classes for adults in group and private French lessons, to suit any language level and every learning objective. Our levels follow the Common European Framework. Our methods focus on sharing experience and communication so that you can increase and develop your individual strengths and enrich your knowledge about different cultures and people skills. Your teachers guide you through each level in an accessible style. 


IN A CLASSROOM (face-to-face)

These courses are organised in a classroom at the University in smaller groups due to the coronavirus social distancing measures. It is advised to register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. As a result of new COVID-19 measures, the classrooms may not be fully accessible. In this case, the lessons can be given online: an efficient and accessible way to learn French. 

** General French courses **

These lessons include a balance of conversation, listening, pronunciation and grammar to help you communicate in everyday situations in French speaking countries and develop fluency and confidence. Participants are given plenty of opportunities to practise the spoken French language through discussions, debates and conversation activities.

We propose you the following courses:

* French Beginners courses:

- Level A1.1: your first steps in French - A1.1 -> A1.2 30 hours (15 courses) - 2h/week

Wednesday from 7pm / 9pm - starting on 17 February 2021

Normal price: 210€ - special price for students: 195€ 

* “Refresh your French”
30 hours (15 courses) - 2h/week - 
Normal price: 210€ - special price for students: 195€ 
4 different levels for this course:

- Level 1 for people who have a little bit of knowledge in French - A1.2 -> A2.1
Tuesday from 7pm / 9pm - starting on 16 February 2021
Level 2 French elementary plus - A2.1 -> A2.2
Tuesday from 7pm / 9pm - starting on 16 February 2021
- Level 3 French intermediate - B1.1 -> B1.2
Thursday from 7pm / 9pm - starting on 18 February 2021
- Level 4 French intermediate plus - B1.2 -> B2.1
Thursday from 7pm / 9pm - starting on 18 February 2021


- Level 5 French intermediate plus - B2
Monday from 7pm / 9pm - starting on 15 February 2021
* French conversation for advanced levels - C1/C2
* 30 hours (15 courses) - 2h/week 
Tuesday from 7pm / 9pm - starting on 16 February 2021
Normal price: 210€ - special price for students: 195€ 

This course is for people who wish to improve their speaking skills. The teacher will use fun activities, articles from internet, newspapers and magazines, TV programs and books. You will feel more confident and be able to increase your knowledge about France, his culture and actuality. 


** Conversation courses ** 

We are proposing you to practise your French remotely online to give you the best learning experience adapted to your needs. Stimulating, flexible and interactive, our Online French Group Courses will meet your expectations and make you progress in no time! Take place in your sofa and join us!

24 hours (16 courses) - 1,5 h/week - normal price: 195 € / special price for students: 170 €

- Level A2 - French Elementary 

Start dates:

Tuesday 16 February 2021 - 7 pm / 8.30pm

Friday 19 February 2021 - 11.30 am / 1pm

- Levels B1/B2 - Intermediate

Start dates: 

Tuesday 16 February 2021 - 7pm / 8.30pm

Friday 19 February 2021 - 9.30am / 11am

- Levels C1 / C2 - Advanced / Proficiency

Start dates:

Thursday 18 February 2021 - 7pm / 9.30pm

Friday 19 February 2021 - 1pm / 2.30 pm

** Specialised Courses **

** Professional French **

24 hours, Thursday, 7pm/9pm

Normal rate: 245€, student rate 230€

Start date: Thursday 18 February 2021

This course will allow you to practice the French language in a professional setting. It will give you more confidence and improve your command of the spoken and written language. If you need to write business letters, send e-mails, make phone calls in French, this course is for you. From level A2.


** DELF/DALF preparation course ** 

** on request **



Two types of courses:

General courses:

These are courses that will help you improve your general French skills. You will determine with your teacher precisely what you need to know, develop or perfect. Do you want to focus on oral and written practice or just one of the two? Anything is possible. It is up to you.

- Work on all four language skills: listening, reading, speaking, writing.

- Strengthen oral or written production or comprehension

- Grammar points to be explained and practiced

- Vocabulary enrichment

- Pronunciation to be improved

Courses with specific objectives:

- Preparation for exams or tests (DELF/DALF, TCF...)

- The acquisition of skills related to a professional activity:

commercial, tourism, hotel business, humanitarian action, diplomacy ...

- Preparing for a stay in a French-speaking country

** In person - in a classroom at the University of Groningen ** or/and ** online 


Online courses:

** Effective and interesting courses!

- The same quality of lessons, the same interactivity and the same enthusiasm of a native, experienced and trained FLE teacher.

- Access to a virtual classroom that preserves the conviviality of a course in a classroom

- Direct contact with your teacher by videoconference

- Diversified courses

- Easy to access: just click on the link to join the course

- Screen sharing

- Oral but also written interactions through a chat and a whiteboard


** Attractive rates - valid until 26 February 2021

Individual tuition

- For 1 person: 59 € / hour instead of 69 € / hour

Small group courses (of the same level and objectives):

- For 2 persons: 35 € / pers / hour

- For 3 persons: 25€ / pers / hour


** Special offers:

* from 10 hours, 1 hour free + method offered

* from 20 hours, 2 hours free + method offered


** Duration of lessons: flexible, adapted to the needs and possibilities of each student.

** What you need:

* a computer

* a webcam

* earphones or headphones

* a reliable internet connection

More information: send us an e-mail at to arrange an online appointment directly with a teacher.


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