Café de Sciences: Global Health Epidemiology – Research questions, methodologies and challenges

The next Café de Sciences will take place on Wednesday 3 April at 19.30 in Utrecht. This Café de Sciences will take place in English to attract a larger international public.

Dr. Sandra Alba, epidemiologist at the KIT will be the speaker that evening. The title of her presentation is Global Health Epidemiology – Research questions, methodologies and challenges.

You can view her short bio here :

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The world is a better place thanks to epidemiology. We now know that the contamination of drinking water by sewage systems will lead to the transmission of cholera, many children live healthier lives thanks to vaccines, and mosquito nets spare hundreds of thousands of lives from the scourge of malaria. Epidemiology, the study of population health – who will get ill, when, where, and why – provides the evidence base for public health decisions. In this session epidemiologist Sandra Alba will provide insights into typical research questions and methodologies used to address current global health challenges. She will provide examples based on her experience working at KIT Royal Tropical Institute in a variety of settings (ranging from sub-Saharan Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan) to highlight some of the practical and ethical dilemmas that epidemiologists are confronted with on a day-to-day basis. 

Location:  Library of the University of Utrecht, room 005 (Sweelinckzaal) at Drift 21 (entrance via Drift 27).


– 19.15: Welcome  

– 19.30: Introduction and update of the activities of the Fondation FrancoSciences Pays-Bas.

– 19.45: Lecture by Sandra Alba

– 20.45: Q&A session

– 21.00: Drinks


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