European Strategic Dialogue – Strategic consequences of the war in Ukraine for Europe

The “European Strategic Dialogue” cycle examines the major issues of the contemporary world between shared history, the shaken present and future prospects.

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The online cycle “European Strategic Dialogue” aims to examine the major issues of the contemporary world – visible issues and “invisible wars” (Thomas Gomart) – from a perspective that is both long history and “exploratory foresight”. It seeks to reveal the lines of rupture and the crossroads of interest between France, Germany and the Netherlands and, in so doing, to discuss the conditions for a strategic awakening of Europe. 


On 24 February, the Ukrainian crisis entered a phase of direct confrontation. The conflict had been brewing since Russia’s annexation of Crimea and Moscow’s support for the two pro-Russian separatist regions in the east of the country. Vladimir Putin trivialised the large-scale aggression, calling it a “special military operation”. Even before the invasion, the Russian president had sought to mislead not only the international community, but also the vast majority of his people about the war he was preparing. 
For Ukrainians, who now have to fight for the security and sovereignty of their country, endure the suffering of occupation or flee their homes, but also for Westerners, the war against Ukraine marks “the beginning of a new era” (Emmanuel Macron), a “Zeitenwende” (Olaf Scholz), a paradigm shift. Our seminar will attempt to decipher the issues at stake and analyse the impact of the conflict on the strategic trajectory of Europe and the world.


Marie Dumoulin
European Council on Foreign Relations
Roderick Parkes
Alfred von Oppenheim Centre for European Policy Studies
German Council on Foreign Relations
Sophie Vériter
Institute for Security and Global Affairs
Nikki Ikani
Assistant Professor
Institute for Security and Global Affairs
Leiden University
Iulian Romanyshyz
Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Advanced Security, Strategy and Integration Studies
University of Bonn


  • Organised by : Institut Français des Pays-Bas, University Bonn Cassis, University Leiden, Frederich Naumann Stiftung