Webinar: Talent development and mobility in quantum

The French Embassies in Belgium and Switzerland, along with the French Institutes NL and Luxembourg, are organizing a webinar dedicated to cooperation opportunities between higher education and research institutes in the field of quantum engineering on June 4th 2024, from 10:00 to 12:00.


Quantum technology stands as one of the pivotal strategic domains of the 21st century, and France has proactively concentrated its efforts on enhancing research infrastructures, cultivating ecosystems, fostering start-ups, and engaging with partners across Europe. Amidst these endeavors, the imperative of talent development and circulation of talent in Europe is crucial. Universities and R&D institutions should ignite passion among students, offer top-tier academic programs, and prepare future engineers adept in quantum technologies.

In light of these imperatives, fostering collaboration among universities, research institutes, start-ups, end-users, and governments at the European level emerges as a cornerstone. Such cooperation not only nurtures the engineers of tomorrow but also enhances the sector’s allure in Europe and contributes to the realization of European technological sovereignty.

This webinar (in English) aims to provide an overview of these issues and to offer a platform for higher education institutions wishing to develop partnerships with other higher education institutions and mobility between European countries.

On the agenda

  • Presentations by the Embassy of France in the Netherlands, QuantEduFrance and Quantum Delta NL on the state of cross-border cooperation.
  • Case studies and a cross-discussion between French, Dutch, Belgian, Swiss and Luxembourgish experts on training of students and early career researchers in quantum engineering.
  • A session of pitches by coordinators of academic programs who are actively seeking partners (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland).

This meeting will also be an opportunity to present to representatives of institutions the sources of funding to realize their cooperation projects.


  • Date and time: June 4, 2024 from 10:00 to 12:00
  • Location: Online
  • Language: English
  • Access: Free, on registration


In partnership with : Embassy of France in Belgium, Embassy of France in Switzerland, Institut français du Luxembourg, Campus France